Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Bible on History Channel

Totally amazed at how many "Conservatives" promoted this mini-series on History Channel ["The Bible"] and are totally mum afterwards with no critical analysis to be found. I can only surmise that these 'Conservatives" want to be "liked" by the Hollywood producers, thus having an "in" with them for future projects. Now there is a cynical way to look at this, as these "Conservatives" are just looking for the monetary gain available, or they are playing Conservative "taquiya". They are just lying to get a foot in the door and will try to affect change that way? Time will only tell, personally I think they are looking for the money and the "Conservative Movement" is just a means to the end. So I will give my two cents with a very critical view of this "Epic mini-series" From the start, with Noah on the Arc - the Arc is leaking like a sieve - doubtful that God would give Noah plans for a boat that leaks like a sieve. Then to Abraham - when he speaks to God he looks like a mentally disturbed person ranting & trembling - this looks like directorial discretion with an agenda - also Abraham & Sarah & tribe are shown as very dirty, dirty faces etc. - I know this is before mosaic laws, but nobody had a wash cloth? Hagar is shown with a Squeaky Fromme (Charles Manson Family cult member) upside down cross on her forehead between the eyes??? I googled "forehead markings" and "ancient Jews" and couldn’t get anything, Hindus, yes, English branding people on forehead, yes, but nothing for Jews, although we know Hagar was an Arab? It seems that Sarah also had some kind of marking on her forehead as well, or it might have been the dirt? So the Hollywood editorial staging seems bizarre! Next to the Sodom story - the story shown in the "mini-series" has LITTLE resemblance to the Bible story! Starting with the two angels shown as a Black guy & and Asian guy - I guess we need multi-cultural Angels in this era - and the third being, historically referred to as God in Biblical analysis - is shown as a ghoul-like being with a sunken shadowy face, more like someone of the walking dead! Hardly how any Christian would portray God, or Jesus as some biblical scholars surmise it could be. Sodom, as it has been handed down in history and preserved in the current word as sodomy, was a place of immorality and degenerate sexual activity was a large piece of the immorality as well as homosexual sexual practice. [As an aside, a Liberal informed me, that it was not the homosexual sexual activity that caused the immorality, it was that people were raping people in Sodom - believe what you may at your own peril] The mini-series takes a stroll through Sodom and they show men and women making out in the alleys, circus type performers spraying fire from their mouth and dressed up like a fat man at the freak show. A purely tamed down Hollywood version that seemed very phony. In the abridged REAL Bible story Lot invites the strangers (angels) to stay in his house, then the MEN of the city come and demand that Lot hand over the men to them, so that they "CAN HAVE SEX WITH THEM". Somehow this didn't make the Hollywood version? Hmmmmm? I wonder why? I actually watched the first run of the "mini-series" and happened to stumble across it the next night. On the second viewing I put on the mute function, with closed captioning instead, so I would not miss a word said in any cross talk or background noise. So there is no doubt that Hollywood left out the Biblical dialogue “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.” Now, its only two sentences, there was clearly the time available and the scene was there. Hollywood changed the story to having the two "minority" angels running down the street after being beaten up by the townspeople, to then receive assistance and shelter from Lot. Lot tried to fend off the townspeople and the angel came out, looked to heaven, and the threatening townspeople were struck blind but were also disfigured, their eyes were ripped out (not really in the bible story-more Hollywood). Then the Angels turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger and went through the town slaughtering people with swords, again not in the biblical account. So any skeptical view would say that Hollywood cleaned out all gay references in accordance with their agenda and made it look more like the evil prominent population beat up minorities and were punished, which is inline with the teachings of Jeremiah Wright and Obama's political practices (punish your enemies). So totally phony Hollywood claptrap. Then on to the next phoniness, funniness - Pharaoh looked like a mean white guy, basically Mitt Romney without hair (pharaoh was bald) and had a British Colonialist accent! Funny how these Egyptians have British accents? Then to the older Moses, who, keeping in the Charles Manson Family Cult theme, looked like Charlie Manson? When the waters were turned to blood while pharaoh was swimming, he got out, dried himself off and screamed "MOSES" reminiscent of Capt. Kirk screaming "KHAN"! When the Jews left Egypt and went through the parted Red Sea, followed by "Pharaoh, his Chariots, and Charioteers", somehow in the Hollywood version, they all dismounted and ran after the Jews in the parted waters. I guess PETA got to them and didn't want to have any views of drowned horses - again bizarre editorial directions by the Hollywood crowd. Also, having Charlie Manson part the Red Sea is a far cry form Charleton Heston - truly bizarre and a let down for this generation. I guess I'll watch the next segment and comment with my skeptical eye, but I am truly disturbed that there are so many "Conservatives" fawning over this claptrap!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Email to Glenn Beck on "The Birther Issue" and "Original Sources"


I've heard you tout "go to original sources, go to original sources".

Yet, you deride people that are looking for the original source Birth Certificate for Obama, and you call them nuts, birthers, etc.

The correct position here, and should be adopted by someone with your stature and clout, is that you do not necessarily believe that Obama was not born here, but you can not understand why he is reluctant to release his original long form birth certificate. For a politician who ran on a NEW politics and on "the most transparent administration" platform, it is the utmost height of cynicism that he will not release his birth certificate. He is furthering the unrest and cynicism of many people by the position that he has adopted as well as now SPENDING OUR MONEY defending his position (using DOJ lawyers).

Please pull out your original Birth Certificate and peruse it and compare it to the Certificate of Live Birth provided by Obama. Then ask yourself, why won't he provide the ORIGINAL SOURCE document????

I will give you a plausible scenario (that I imagined based on research that I have done on this topic) that probably includes information that you are unaware of. Say Obama was born outside the US. We know his mother was a Left Wing Nut job Flowerchild type. I'm sure Obama's grandmother (the typical white person) was aware of how flaky her daughter was. Obama's grandmother had to be a strong woman to rise to the level of a bank president, and I'm sure was also a smart cookie as well. Well, Obama's mother is out of the US and gives birth to Barack. The Matriarch, smart cookie grandmother takes it upon herself to file the pertinent papers to register Barack as born in Hawaii. At that time, early 1960's, most Hawaiians were born at home and registered the birth by submitting the form to the Dept of Health. The Dept of Health sent the announcement information to the newspapers (I bet you were unaware of this). So this kills the O'Reilly argument - "Oh I've seen the two newspaper announcements". So the problem may be that the original birth certificate shows a home birth - who knows - who would like to know??????

So I believe there is a preponderance of evidence that in front of a jury would be enough to introduce reasonable doubt, thus elevating this to the level of at maximum a Constitutional Crisis and at least a cynical ploy by the President to continue unrest within the populace, that the press would never let a Conservative President get away with.

So I hope you would reconsider this issue. It would take a big man to do so, after the statements that you have made on this issue. But I challenge you to follow your own challenge of GOING TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCES.


Sons of Reagan

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Email to Fareed Zakaria re: Moammar Gadhafi Interview

Very disappointed in your interview.

I understand you need to get info from Gadhafi,
so I didn't expect you to confront him directly.
But why didn't you address it in your comments
section???? His daughter did not die in the US
bombing raid on Libya. A girl died in the raid
and Gadhafi adopted her posthumously!!!!!! To
hold this back from your viewers is inexcusable
and helps to further Libyan propaganda. I'm sure
you are not in business to do this. Don't you see
he was using this farce to equivocate the Lockerbie
Terrorist attack???? Truly inexcusable!!!

That brings me to my next beef. You called the Lockerbie
Terrorist Attack - "The Tragedy". You called the Terrorist
Attack on the World Trade Center - "The Tragedy". Can't you
see that this drives people absolutely insane to make a
Terrorist Attack equivalent to a deadly Hurricane????????
Truly inexcusable!!!

And lastly, Why in the world do you ask Gadhafi about his
tent?????? Who cares!!!!!!! We all know he lives in a tent.
I would have liked to hear his response to:
(1) What do you think is a resolution to the Israel / Palestine
(2) Who do you consider your closest ally in the mid-East, Africa,
the West???
(3) Who do you see succeeding you in the rule of Libya???

I'm writing this as I watch the end of your show and must comment on your China Pollution segment. As Reagan said: Communists are liars!!!! Sadly, none of our leaders and journalists recognize this!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Email Sent to B. Bernice Young School Principal, Burlington NJ Regarding Obama Indoctrination

Good Job!!!

Please take God, The Ten Comandments and Jesus out of the schools and substitute the Great Obama. The Great Obama provides opportunity for all - he takes tax payer money and provides abortions in Africa - oh "Family Planning Services". He says there is no funding for abortions in the Health Care Bill - but oh the truth is much different - "You Lie".

The "new and improved" Senate plan released by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) not only directly funds some abortions; it also dramatically increases the number of babies likely to be killed by ELECTIVE abortion using tax-dollars and federal funds.

Can you include the verses of the song shown below??

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!
Barack Hussein Obama

He'll Rip You from Your Mama -
You were undesirable anyway,
So you won’t see another day!!!

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!
Barack Hussein Obama

If you live from a botched abortion,
And get thrown in a closet,
He’ll rationalize by voting “Present”

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!
Barack Hussein Obama

Maybe you can forward this to your teacher.
Please let me know.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Response on Sons of Anarchy Fan Forum to an uninformed poster

A poster was offended by the use of the n-word on the show. Another poster said our troops have fought and are fighting and dying to protect our free speech rights. She then lambasted him and said we are fighting because of September 11th. My response is below.

Replying to:

damn* boards isn't posting this right so lets try this agani. I don't offend easy but hearing the word nigge* is UNCOMFORTABLE no matter how you slice it... I guess you won't get it unless your well BLACK and been called a nigge* you can understand that.. you can't explain to the blind how it feels to see. I don't see if you rather not hear that word you shouldn't watch this show... that is BS and a cop out. Also if the word nigge* isn't seen to be inappropiate me calling you a douche nozzle shouldn't upset you at all.. People died in a war to protect me from calling you a bloodly douche nozzle.
Posted by hellrazor666

You keep bumping this post looking for someone to bite - so OK I'll take the bait. You call the guy ignorant and uniformed and stupid because he said our Armed Forces are fighting to maintain our freedoms as outlined in the US Constitution - You say - Oh, they are fighting because of Sept 11. You are really the ignorant one here - now ignorant doesn't mean stupid - it just means uninformed - I would hope this could be a teachable moment here - the Freedom of Speech as outlined in our Constitution is not meant to be for polite speech - think about it - why would you need to protect polite speech - who would object to polite speech that doesn't make anyone uncomfortable - the reason we have freedom of speech is to protect speech that is on the edge - that is not polite - that is not comfortable - that may not be viewed as acceptable in certain circles. Now the remedy to the speech that you hear that is not acceptable to you is MORE FREE SPEECH. Use your free speech to persuade people, to make your point, to expand the conversation to win people over to your side.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comments left on the Sons of Anarchy Fan Forum - Liberal Bias Again!!!

Below is a repsonse to a Sons of Anarchy Fan Forum posting. The subject of the posting is "Keep Politics out of the Show". I had left other comments there, below
is the latest in response to one of the Lib's responses.

Replying to:

You say you don't want guns in the hands of urban street gangs? Who does? You just don't mention that you have a compound in Idaho with everything from machine pistols to rocket launchers stockpiled. Zobelle is a very smart very cunning, very manipulative character and will do and say anything he has to in order to increase his power base. He knows just what to say to make him sound like a reasonable responsible citizen. I think the producer has done a good job of showing that his conservative views are a front for his actual agenda.
Posted by RonAtWork

I don't know how you come to your delusional conclusions. They never mentioned that they don't "want guns in the hands of urban street gangs". They told SAMCRO to stop selling guns to "niggers" and "SPICS" - their words - not mine - but in a demented Liberal fantasy world this translates into keeping guns out of the hands of street gangs and gives them some kind of credibility - oh, I see, they are just community organizers - ACORN Aryan Nation Extension.

This thread is about the fact that these writers and producers are doing the same thing to Conservatives and Christians that the rest of Hollywierd does - conflates them with NAZI's (oh let me decode the acronym for the public school folks NAZI = National Socialist German Workers’ Party). Now since Socialist/Fascists desire that the Government control all methods of commerce in the country and Conservatives want the Government to get out of the way and do the limited number of things enumerated in the Constitution, this conflation does not work or make any sense.

What does make sense, when digging a little further, is putting Henry Rollins in the role of the nazi. I searched about him on the web and he actually has his own "show" at http://www.ifc.com/henryrollins/. I watched a few of his rants and it is the same story - Christians are responsible for young people getting aids, blah blah blah. So he is the perfect vessel to deliver the conflation material on a weekly basis - I'm sure he is salivating to get the next script and probably adds his own propaganda to it. He is probably the one that prompted the directors to start the rape scene of Gemma by panning from a Crucifix hanging on the wall. Or maybe he told the guy to say - "it's someone from my Church" when he was on the phone with the Mayans???? I may give this one or two episodes more, but at this point I'm close to letting it pass and finding something better to do with my time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Response to Rush on a Conservative Charismatic Leader


I think you are missing the point.

Conservatives DO need a charismatic leader.

The problem is that the base, the silent majority,
has an opinion on issues and is constantly being
undermined by so called Conservative leaders.

I see the biggest obstacle to the Conservative Movement
is the lack of a suitable leader. With all due respect,
you are not an example of a leader to be admired.
Single guy, derides marriage and women constantly, past
personal problems. The same thing goes for other strong
Conservative voices: Hannity - under-educated, minimal
intellectual firepower. Ingraham - can't find a man, acts
like a liberal and becomes a single mom. Beck - whacko,
recovering addict, cries constantly. O'Reilly - says that
Bobby Kennedy is his political hero - enough said. Coulter -
again can't find a man to settle down with and dates Bill Maher???
You guys/gals do not portray a picture that backs up the
Conservative message that you espouse daily on your shows/columns.

Of course the one guy that was and is acceptable was excoriated
by the main stream cabal - including Rush - because, as a Bush
Official said: "Who would vote for a guy with the name Huckabee"?

He fits all the criteria, but is unacceptable because he paved
the roads in Arkansas with government money. I thought that was
one of the limited areas that government was supposed to control??

So unless you guys can get behind the right kind of people who
have the correct background and also have a Conservative
lifestyle that they show on their sleeves, we will not gain traction.