Monday, September 14, 2009

Response to Rush on a Conservative Charismatic Leader


I think you are missing the point.

Conservatives DO need a charismatic leader.

The problem is that the base, the silent majority,
has an opinion on issues and is constantly being
undermined by so called Conservative leaders.

I see the biggest obstacle to the Conservative Movement
is the lack of a suitable leader. With all due respect,
you are not an example of a leader to be admired.
Single guy, derides marriage and women constantly, past
personal problems. The same thing goes for other strong
Conservative voices: Hannity - under-educated, minimal
intellectual firepower. Ingraham - can't find a man, acts
like a liberal and becomes a single mom. Beck - whacko,
recovering addict, cries constantly. O'Reilly - says that
Bobby Kennedy is his political hero - enough said. Coulter -
again can't find a man to settle down with and dates Bill Maher???
You guys/gals do not portray a picture that backs up the
Conservative message that you espouse daily on your shows/columns.

Of course the one guy that was and is acceptable was excoriated
by the main stream cabal - including Rush - because, as a Bush
Official said: "Who would vote for a guy with the name Huckabee"?

He fits all the criteria, but is unacceptable because he paved
the roads in Arkansas with government money. I thought that was
one of the limited areas that government was supposed to control??

So unless you guys can get behind the right kind of people who
have the correct background and also have a Conservative
lifestyle that they show on their sleeves, we will not gain traction.


Anonymous Tom McGeady said...

The only gripe I have is that your description of Hannity could've been used to describe our 40th and best President. On everything else here, you're spot on!

7:50 PM  
Blogger condor655 said...

Disagree - Reagan was a college graduate and a prolific writer and a rare form of intellectual who could communicate with people across all strata.

11:31 PM  

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